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Your First Visit: Exam and Cleaning


Regular exams and cleanings are the most important things a dental office can do for your healthy smile. When you first come to Edgecare Dental, we will examine your mouth with X-rays, and based on your gum condition from clinical exams and X-rays, we will determine whether you need a regular cleaning or a deep cleaning.

For your best first visit experience and a thorough dental examination, we ask you to come 15minutes before your first appointment time. In case of rescheduling, please give us 24-hours notice in advance.

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Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

For most people, a regular office cleaning followed by at-home toothbrushing and flossing is sufficient maintaining your gums healthy. However, for some people who have periodontal conditions, regular office cleaning and oral hygiene at home cannot maintain or improve gum conditions. To stop the gum disease process and help you maintain healthy gums, we will recommend deep cleanings if necessary. For deep cleanings, we usually will ask you to come to two separate visits, and each time one side of your mouth will be numbed for the treatment.


How often do you need a dental cleaning?

For most people, an exam and cleaning every six months is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth. For people who have periodontal conditions and need deep cleanings, we may recommend maintenance cleanings every three months. For people who do not have periodontal conditions but do have severe gum bleeding, we also recommend office cleanings every three months.

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