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General Dentistry: Fillings, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns, Dentures


At Edgecare Dental, we provide dental services to all age groups in your family. For more details and to find out what treatment option is best for you, please contact us for a dental consultation.

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All-White Composite Fillings

Edgecare Dental is an amalgam-free office and only offers white composite fillings.

For decades, many dentists placed amalgam silver fillings because they were long lasting and strong. However, this is no longer true in modern dentistry. Modern white composite fillings that utilize micro- and nano-filler technology last longer and are stronger than old silver fillings—and they do not contain mercury. Also, composite fillings chemically bond to the tooth structure, providing a better seal and less chance of cracking a tooth. Of course, white fillings are also simply looking natural.


Root Canal Treatment

When cavities grow deep inside the tooth and touch the pulp tissue containing the nerve and blood supply, cavities can cause pain, infection, and swelling. To save the tooth, root canal treatment (RCT) is recommended. By removing the nerve and cleaning the space inside the tooth, we can preserve the outside tooth covering. To avoid fracture of the tooth after an RCT, crown restoration is commonly recommended.


All-Ceramic Crowns

At Edgecare Dental, we recommend metal-free, all-ceramic crowns for your restorations. All-ceramic crowns can maintain long-lasting, highly aesthetic results. Unlike traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal(PFM) crowns, all-ceramic crowns do not show metal lines over time and do not have white porcelain chipping that will show metal.


Metal-Free, Flexible Dentures

At Edgecare Dental, we recommend a metal-free, flexible type of denture to avoid visible metal clasps and damage to the surrounding teeth. However, under some limited circumstances, metal-based dentures can still provide a better treatment result.


Complete Dentures and Implant Overdenture

When complete dentures are placed, it is difficult to ensure dentures do not move while you are speaking and chewing foods. With your dentures connected to dental implants, you can speak freely, eat foods without a problem, and never worry about loose dentures.


To replace one or more missing tooth, dental bridges can add artificial teeth by prepping two adjacent teeth and placing connected crowns on top of them.

At Edgecare Dental, we usually recommend dental implants rather than traditional bridges for a better long-term treatment outcome and maintenance. Dental bridges need to be maintained diligently to avoid cavities and prevent losing entire bridges. Dental bridges can also cause complications such as bone resorption under the bridge. If necessary, we can replace existing bridges with dental implants.


In particular, dental implants are commonly done to replace multiple teeth, and  dental implants do not get cavities. However, good oral hygiene is still necessary to keep the gums healthy and maintain the implants.

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